Carson’s Food Service Management is a huge asset to our operations and profitability. Bellevue saves about $10,000 per month ($120,000 annually) by using Carson’s. Residents enjoy a vast amount of meal choices and twice a week the chef offers omelet and waffle bars. The Carson’s team is genuinely focused on customer service. It is a pleasure working with them. We receive compliments every day about our meals from employees, residents, and their families. 

Another significant benefit of teaming with Carson’s is that we no longer have all the headaches and time-consuming work that comes with managing a dining department. They take care of all the staffing, training, charting, regulatory compliance, purchasing, and cooking. This frees up Bellevue’s management team to handle the other facets of our business.


I highly recommend Carson’s Food Service Management. Feel free to call me at (405) 767-6500 if I can provide more information.

David Thompson


Bellevue Health & Rehabilitation Center

Oklahoma City, OK

Wagoner Community Hospital outsourced its Food and Nutrition Services to Carson’s Food Service Management and has not regretted the decision.  In addition to cost savings, the quality and satisfaction of our food service has increased.  Carson’s does a fabulous job with their catering of key meetings/events.  When I visit patients in the hospital, one of the highlights of their stay is, yes, the food! I highly recommend Carsons for your consideration.

Jimmy Leopard, CEO

Wagoner Community Hospital

Wagoner, OK

Hi John. I just wanted to express how much we appreciate Carson’s working with the Edmond Senior Center meal program over the last eight years.  You have an excellent product and are always willing to adjust the menu to our customer’s tastes. Your food is high quality and I really appreciate that you understand the need to keep your prices at a reasonable rate as well.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

Gail Deaton, Manager

Edmond Senior Center

Edmond, OK

As Assistant Campus Director of a large senior living community, we are extremely glad to be associated with Carson’s Food Service Management.  Not only does Carson’s provide three nutritious meals a day to independent living, assisted living and nursing care, they manage several catered events each month. Carson’s also provides the daily meal for an adult day center 5 days a week.  The food is consistently fresh and tasty. Our noon salad bar is the envy of every restaurant in town.

Tony Ward

Assistant Campus Director, Independent Living

Go Ye Village Senior Living

Tahlequah, OK

We’ve been in a management agreement with Carson’s since 2014. From the moment John and his team began working in our three facilities (hospital, nursing home, and independent living), we have experienced by far the best meal program in the history of our company. Carson’s has helped us train and retain quality staff. They’ve enabled us to support and serve major community meals on and off campus. Plus, they have done all this more economically than we had ever experienced previously and for less than we’ve been quoted by the competition in recent years.

Kelly Parker, Director

The Homestead Independent Living, an entity of Share Medical Center

Alva, Oklahoma